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Garden Pot Candle + Plantable Seed Paper Dust Covers

Garden Pot Candle + Plantable Seed Paper Dust Covers

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Garden Pot Candle + Plantable Seed Paper Dust Covers.

Each Garden Pot Candle is truly one-of-a-kind with its hand-dipped, perfectly imperfect whitewash finish. Each candle is hand poured with a coconut wax blend by our skilled artisans in Colorado, and each terracotta pot is embossed with beautiful botanical designs. 

The adorable dust covers are made from plantable seed paper. Once the candle has been burned down, remove the remaining wax, fill the pretty pot with soil, place the dust cover on top and water. Place in a sunny window and watch your garden grow. Planting instructions are included on the back of each dust cover.

DirtBe transported to the garden with a truly authentic rendering of freshly tilled soil.  Vetiver, silver birch and patchouli create an arid accord , but a sprinkling of dewy moisture turns the earth from dry to richly tilled.

Tomato Vine: The fragrance of a tomato leaf crushed between your fingers on a dewy summer morning: juicy ripe tomatoes, basil leaf and Galbanum combine with a green floral accord of lily leaf, star jasmine and tomato vine.

Basil Orange: A refreshing combination of sunny citrus with an herbal accord of fresh basil and lemongrass.

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