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French Lavender Body Butter (8oz)

French Lavender Body Butter (8oz)

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French Lavender Body Butter (8oz). Our body butter is a perfect moisturizer for after shower, shaving, sun, or as needed! It is lightweight and soaks in quickly. A little goes a long way and will leave you soft and smooth. Our star ingredients of shea butter, organic sunflower oil and organic aloe vera is nourishing and great for all types of skin.

French Lavender is a tranquil, floral blend with notes of mountain heather and wild rose. Our favorite fragrance for inspiring sleep and serenity, this soothing scent is reminiscent of a gentle breeze rolling through a peaceful meadow of wild lavender.

  • Top: Lavender, Mountain Heather, Rose
  • Base: Lilac, Tonka, Orange Flower
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